Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jar Cosy? Really? YES

I know crochet covers for jars are not exactly a new thing - if you pinterest you have definitly seen them before, but you havent seen Alexandra MackeNZie Hanging Jar Cozys have you - not till now!!!

This is what I get up to when doing the next thing on the list just seems like the last thing I want to do, blatant procrastination, but I think its worked out well in the end.

I love them, I really want to make some for planting succulents in, can you imagine them lined up along a window sill or hanging in a row in a large window (I have just the window too). I made one without the handles too but I am preferring the hanging ones.

What about outside with tealight candles inside in a tree or hanging over you table or even as a centre piece.

Oh love em love em and big fat love em.

What would you put in them?

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