Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How I fix a Crochet Granny Square Blanket.

Over the last few years I have fixed a several blankets, the op shop blankets (which I MUST buy!) often need a repair before they can be used, so I have mastered my own little technique. I am showing you how I go about it, there maybe other tutorials around with other methods (don't know, haven't looked) this is just what works for me.

Don't get me wrong, its not fun, its fiddly and time consuming, what I could crochet in about five minutes would take me about easily half an hour to fix. Also I am left handed so I am working on what is technically the back of the blanket - but that's OK!

This blanket belongs to my mum, its the official 'throw over the grand kids that fall asleep on the couch' blanket, so a wee bit sentimental. Its worth putting the time in to fix these pieces that have meaning to us, keep them going for several more years.

This blanket needed a round and a half replaced. The pinky rounds have perished badly from sun damage, the rest of the blanket is sound and only needed one other repair. I am replacing it with a fairly similar colour using a 5mm hook.

Firstly I cut away the half of the first round where  the round above it was also being replaced,

 Then that part is simply crocheted around half the square using a 3DC, 1 chain repetition.

Right, for the second half of the round  I was dealing with having to integrate my crochet back into the round above. Heres the fiddly bits.
First thing I do is wind of several meters of yarn from the ball and break it off, thread on a large tapestry needle.
Begin cutting away the damaged round, I usually cut away a few sets at a time, this exposes the bottom of the stitches from the round above, it will hold the stitch and even though its now stitched onto nothing so long as you dont go pulling on it.
Push your tapestry hook through the bottom of the stitches. and pull the yarn through, keep cutting away stitches and inserting your yarn all the way around the round (or as far as the damage goes), then pull all the yarn through (wind it into a little ball to keep it tidyish).

Right so at this point I have done a set of 3DC and 1 Chain, now I need to get my crochet to go though all the bottom of the stitches from the round above so I can add my next set.
You already have your yarn going through so now just need to get your current stitch through to the other side so you can continue.
OK give your current stitch a bit extra in the loop and take your hook out.
Push you hook through the opposite side of the stitches (from the round above), pop your loop around your hook and pull back through (you might find it easier to use a smaller hook) and da-da your loop is now on the other side.

Do your next set of three and 1 chain, (you will need to pull a bit of yarn back through) get a bit of a loop, pop your hook through the opposite side, pick your loop back up and pull it through, carry this on all way around - easy, just fiddley.

Once I had completed that round I did the exact same thing from the remaining half round.

Hope this helps you guys with being able to keep your blankets on your bed and out of the dog kennels (it seems like every dog kennel has a poor old crochet blanket in it).